You are running out of time,

You are running out of plan

You are running out of hope

You are running out of faith

You are running out of love

You are running out of space

You are at your end zone

You are reaching out but no one sees

You are seeking answers

You are asking questions

You are sinking yet no strength to call for help

You are reaching, yes you are reaching

Your fears are becoming your reality

Your demons are now your companions

Your illusions are becoming something real

You are torn between believing and

You are making circles where you should go in straight lines.

The voices in your head

Are the echoes of your heart.

Your dreams are nightmares

Fragments of suppressed emotions and thoughts.

You are afraid to move

You are afraid to run,

You are afraid to believe.

Your fears are justified

Your fears are real

Your fears are powerful

Yet your fear is a tool

A tool that propels you to do what is

A tool to push beyond your fears

A tool to keep you on your feet.

Run child, Run.

Never let fear win.

Never let it catch up with you.

Ten steps ahead and you will always outrun it.

Forget the past, When it knocks

Keep it shut out.

Believe in the beauty of your today.