Being a WOMAN

The thoughts of a woman on women’s day

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Today on women’s day, one of my friends asked me why I am not sharing any status for women’s day, like others. At least I should do that for myself. This made me wonder how come women’s day doesn’t trigger me to share any posts, like other days when I am always on the front row to fight for women’s rights.

It’s hard being a woman. Or is it? While there are polarizing views throughout the internet about how a women’s day is celebrated and the men are ignored on their very special day, I lie somewhere in the middle, where I have mixed opinions on celebrating a certain day. I believe I don’t need a certain day to celebrate my rights. However, if I am getting that opportunity, I would like to celebrate it with every other life on this planet.

About hardships, I can’t vouch about the hardships faced by others as I have never experienced it, but I can certainly tell “Being ME” is not that hard. Or is it?

I do have my points supporting my argument, and I believe at the end of this blog, you people can help me conclude.

As compared to my brother, My parents don’t have that many expectations from me on the career front. It’s certainly not in the wrong way, rather it’s more of a perk in itself. I have been always asked to give my career more importance. I am one of the privileged educated women who can compete with all the guys in my field. While I am excelling in my job already, I am free to experiment with my career choices, work on my hobbies, and pursue them. According to society, the girl is ultimately going to get married and not take care of her parents. Hence, no such restrictions on experimenting with my life. While, on the other hand, my brother is expected to get a certain well-established job near his hometown, so that in the end he gets to stay near family and be there for them. So, is it hard for me or him?

Recently there have been arranged marriage meetings in the family. In all circumstances, the guy is expected to have a higher earning than the girl, otherwise, what will society say? The girl taking care of the guy’s needs, that’s certainly disheartening in itself..right? As I mentioned earlier, I have all the education to be in one of the well-paying industries. And to top all of it, I have greater aspirations of not settling on a certain job and keeping on trying for the best. You can very well understand what’s the problem here. The guys’ salaries and aspirations fall short in front of society. The guy can’t marry a girl of such higher dreams. So, is it hard for me or him?

I had always considered myself weird, not fitting to societal standards. I was always scared of not being accepted by society, of course, who will accept me as ME. Then somedays I get to meet some transgenders, either on the train or in some public places. My heart breaks thinking about the very fact that how society has never accepted them. My heart breaks when people do not even acknowledge them even after seeing them directly and turn their faces away as if they don’t exist. So, is it hard for me, or them?

Sometimes, I do get scared about ending up being alone and not finding the right guy out there. But then I get to see the LGBTQIA+ movements out there. I freeze thinking about the whole fact, how they have taken a lifetime to come out of the closet. And after that, the real battle begins. Let alone finding the right partner, finding a soul even to understand the ordeals they go through is hard in itself. Although our world is changing and accepting, it’s quite far away from that stage where every person can be accepted as they are. So, is it hard for me, or them?

People have gone through severe life ordeals from which it takes months and years to come out. People have gone through tormenting heartbreaks from which they can’t ever recover. And here I am happy, content, and surrounded by people and friends who are extremely protective of me. People who won’t let me get hurt, and continue stopping me from any stupid actions which will make me get hurt in the long run. So, is it hard for me or others?

I do curse the universe many times for making me a girl. The pain and cramps from periods every month are a constant reminder of how unfair the system is. But, then I get to learn about many girls out there who are having so many complications due to PCOD/PCOS and go through excruciating pain for a long period. So, is it hard for me or them?

I am very self-conscious about being ME. The way I look, the way I talk, and my body language, everything seems to bother me. Sometimes, it does take a toll of energy to come out of my self-loathing phase. But, then there are so many people out there, who don’t even get to have the basic necessities in life. People who are terminally ill and fighting to survive every other day in their life. And here I am with all the properly functioning organs, body parts to perform every basic function in my everyday life, and the ability to conquer the world with what I have, without even bothering whether I will be alive the next day or not. So, it’s not fair to wake up and complain about how things are unfair out there. It’s not fair. So, is it hard for me, or others who don’t even have the basic amenities?

I believe to be an expressive person. A person, who can’t filter out her emotions. Unless I speak out my mind, I can’t rest. It’s hard to keep my emotions to myself. The world needs to hear it. If not the world, then at least my journal. I can fight for my rights and fight for things that I believe in. I know things are hard sometimes, but I also know that I won’t settle with something which doesn’t feel under my core values. I am not someone who can bring a revolution. But, at least I am an influencer to myself. But, I have friends and families who can go through any mental distress but still can’t stand up for themselves as they believe this is how society functions. Whereas, I can never stop questioning even my identity, let alone adjusting to my surroundings. So, is it hard for me or them, who can’t even fight for their voice? (Let me clarify, I don’t find it wrong not to raise a voice. Every person has his/her barriers. It’s just I consider it my privilege to be able to voice my opinions, which many people don’t have.)

This discourse can go on and on. But, I doubt I will ever get to the conclusion. Some days will be really hard when I will need all my energy to get out of my bed and some days will be quite easy when I will be overflowing with all the energy and need more and more people to give all the pep talk I have. But, it’s certainly not difficult being ME. It’s very natural, and I will love to live this life again and again.

Every day is a celebration, from forcing myself up from bed to helping others get rid of their demons. Of course, If I manage to help myself to do the normal chores on a hard day, then it should also be considered an accomplishment, right? I just want to celebrate all life out there if there is any particular day specified for it. And, talking about fighting for women’s rights, men’s rights and in particular human rights, I do that every day and will continue to do so till I am capable to do so.

Thank you for reading through this jibber-jabber and I hope you guys would have concluded, about whose hardships are harder 🙂. Feel free to comment down below.




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