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Pepo is the official community app and partner of EthCC and the Epicenter podcast

Pepo, Paris, Ethereum, Launching New Use Cases, Limited Edition Hoodies, and Epicenter, oh my!

If you are headed to Paris for the March 3–5 Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), we can’t wait to meet you irl — and on Pepo!

Join the EthCC community!

EthCC is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Pepo is all about community, so we are excited to be the conference’s official community app, bringing people together to share their crypto passions.

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Join the #ethcc community

Connect with the Epicenter community on Pepo & at EthCC

We’ve also partnered with the Epicenter podcast for EthCC so that participants can suggest guests and propose questions on Pepo to be featured in Epicenter’s EthCC edition. Plus, EthCC participants are invited to contribute 30-second Pepo videos about learnings from the event, using the hashtag #myethcc30 — and host Sebastien Couture will select his favorites and share them with the Epicenter audience. …

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Participants ask Vitalik questions on Pepo, Simona Pop is emcee for the London hackathon

After bringing together ETHDenver as the official community app, Pepo is now set to be the official community app of the Feb 28-March 1 ETHLondonUK hackathon — and the entire ETHGlobal 2020 hackathon series.

Pepo will also host UX workshops at all of the ETHGlobal events and judge Pepo’s technology-agnostic UX Awards.

ETHLondonUK participants are invited to join the ETHLondonUK Community on Pepo ahead of the event and pre-submit questions for Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin.

Pepo’s Chief Engagement Officer Simona Pop will also be the emcee for the London hackathon.

We are excited to have Pepo as the official community app for the events across the world. These hackathons and community gatherings bring the crypto movement closer together — and we couldn’t have a better partner than Pepo as the place for making authentic human connections. …

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Pepo Communities, UX awards — and hard-earned hoodies — at #ETHDenver2020

We are excited to see so many people joining Pepo Communities — in the new version of Pepo released at the Feb 14–16 ETHDenver #BUIDLathon — to make meaningful connections and share their passions.

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OneMillionDevs — a ConsenSys project to encourage more developers to build on Ethereum — created its own Pepo community to swap “one in a million” ideas about what Ethereum makes possible.

Ethereum is a global community. Everyone has a voice and a story to share. The power of our community is in our perspectives, our journeys and our shared values

Kames Cox-Geraghty, project lead, One Million…



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