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Spread the Cheer with the Pepo “Home for the Holidays” Challenge!

More than $2000 in rewards for the best 30 second video explanations of crypto for noobies

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. For most of us, it probably also means fielding questions from baffled relatives about what we do for a living and “what your Bitcoin thingy is.”

But this year, you’re not alone. The Pepo community is here to help out, no matter how frightful the weather, or how many no-coiners and skeptics are seated around your table.

Today we are announcing the Pepo Home for the Holidays Challenge. We’re looking for the most creative ways to explain to noobie friends and relatives why all this crypto stuff matters, with prizes up to $1,000 in Pepo Coins for the best videos. Make it fun, make it relevant, make it connect!

Here’s how it works:

  • Reply to our Pepo Conversation in the Pepo App with a 30-second video of yourself explaining crypto or blockchain. We’re looking for the most creative ways to explain to noob relatives why all this crypto stuff matters. Make it fun, make it relevant, make it connect!
  • You can post as many times as you like, but the winner will be the single video that earns the most Pepo Coins from Pepo “likes.” Entries must be posted as replies to the Pepo Conversation announcing the challenge in order to qualify.
  • Your reply can can be about blockchain, crypto, or both — it’s completely up to you!
  • Holiday apparel is welcome, and we encourage you to be as unique and creative as you can.
  • The 3 videos that receive the most Pepo Coins from “likes” will receive prizes. Of course, the best reward of all is priceless: sharing a message that is replayed in homes all over the world, spreading knowledge far and wide.

There will be prizes for first, second, and third place. Winners can either take the tokens themselves or donate their win to their favorite charities.

  • 1st prize: $1,000 in Pepo Coins
  • 2nd prize: $500 in Pepo Coins
  • 3rd prize: $250 in Pepo Coins
  • And every participant whose video reply to this Pepo thread earns more than 100 Pepo Coins from other users will receive an additional free 500 Pepo Coins from us!

Pepo: A Continuous Conversation

Launched a few weeks ago at Ethereum DevCon5, Pepo is the new social app where the people shaping the crypto movement are coming together, making short videos, and rewarding each other with tokens of appreciation. The Home for the Holidays Challenge uses Pepo Conversations, which we introduced earlier this month in response to user feedback for more opportunities to interact in the app by letting persons respond to posts with videos of their own.

Pepo is the place for conversations, and that’s our way of doing things too. We love to conduct continuous conversations with the community to hear how we can improve the app experience. So we can’t wait to hear more from you — and to see you posting videos from wherever you happen to be over the holidays.

We are excited that Pepo has already helped propel the crypto movement forward as the first crypto-powered app approved by Apple for in-app purchases of tokens and cash-out options. Early Pepo users have created thousands of original videos and sent more than 50,000 peer-to-peer decentralized token transactions through the app — to show appreciation for users’ videos and to support makers and their projects. Now we can bring crypto home for the holidays in a fun and inclusive way that will showcase the creativity and diversity of our growing community on Pepo.

And you might even get grandma to start using tokens!

Program Rules (the fine print)

Not registered yet? You can join in and be a part of Pepo. The app is available for download now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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