Friday night normal

I feel lost, I feel alone, in a city filled with people, a place that I call home.
Bright lights left and right, lines of people till out of sight. Eyes filled with hope that happiness awaits, inside closed doors, dark rooms guarded like heavens gate.
Strangers, friends, alcohol and drugs. You're living the life buddy, shakes my hand and here’s a hug. Guys you don’t talk to, girls that over dress. This is the Friday night normal, are you not impressed?
Conversations that lead nowhere, words and promises have no weight. You start to realize these people are damaged, drowning in dreams and lies that they create.
Delusion of grandeur is an epidemic, it’s an issue that they don’t see. A mirage of achievements, sex, fake tits, ass and lips stop lying to me.
I lay shaking with a hand on my face, asking if I can live a different dream. Others want this, no, need this, steal it from me I won’t scream. Craving something, I want more, this cannot be it. I want substance, a better message, rather than “it’s gonna be lit”
I leave this question to myself or to someone who would stumble by. Live in a bubble, follow a belief, without even asking why. Why do we limit ourselves to the past and what it has already achieved, an illusion of happiness we can’t grow from, this I cannot conceive.