How to Protect Your Home from Termite Attack

Are you worried about termites? Termites can cause a lot of damages to your home and they are often difficult to detect until it is too late. Go over the following article to find out what you can do with your planned property maintenance to protect your home from termites.

Termites are attracted to wood. You can prevent termites from settling in your home by avoiding any contact between wood surfaces and the ground. Window frames, wood siding, a door or latticework can provide termites with the moisture and the shelter they need. You can eliminate contact between wood surfaces and the ground by investing in a concrete base or by simply pulling the soil back from the foundation of your home.

A regular termite inspection of your home by The Pest Company is also recommended so that termite ingress can be found before too much damage can be done. A professional termite barrier may also be appropriate. Talk to your local termite experts.

Termites are attracted to moisture. Moisture that accumulates around the foundation of your home could attract termites. Make sure your gutters are in good shape and properly divert the water away from the foundation. Inspect your air conditioning unit, water pipes and outside faucets to make sure there is no leak. A sloped ground around the foundation can efficiently drain water away from your home.

Are there any crawl spaces in your home? why not try to contact a termite protection company? You need to make sure these spaces are not humid. You can reduce the humidity in these spaces by properly ventilating them. Installing more vents could be a good option but you could also cover the soil in crawl spaces with a polyethylene sheeting.

Storing lumber, firewood and other wood debris directly against the foundation of your home or within a crawl space is a mistake. Anything made from cellulose will attract termites. This includes wood, cardboard and paper. Termites can get past a barriers if they have some newspapers, firewood or cardboard boxes to hide in.

You can greatly reduce your risks of ending up with termites in your home by following these tips. If you need help with termites, the best thing to do is to call a pest control specialist.