Top 10 Men’s Style Mistakes

So as a general rule, you are pretty damn stylish, but from time to time I still see some style missteps. It’s ok. No one’s perfect.

And so, in an attempt to rectify the style situation, let’s talk about ten style mistakes and how to fix them.

Yes, these are in order.

Style mistake #1: the single biggest style mistake that I see guys making is that they’re wearing CLOTHES THAT SIMPLY DON’T FIT them properly. Most of the time, it’s not that they’re wearing clothes that are too small; it’s that they’re wearing clothes that are too big. The simple fix for this is to SIZE DOWN. Try the smaller size.

If you’re going in and you’re going for a large, try on a medium. What you’re going to find is that the fit is probably going to be a little bit more snug, like your clothing is giving you a bit of a hug, but it’s a good stylish hug. This is going to work a lot better, but if you try it on and look like a sausage, then obviously size back up.

Another option you have is to take your clothes to a tailor. Now, I’m not saying to tailor your t-shirts or every piece of clothing that you own. But, the key pieces, the ones that are going to make a big difference for you, I would say, invest the $5–15, take them to a tailor, and have them altered.

Style mistake #2: DIRTY SHOES. Jesus Christ… Gentlemen, if you’re wearing work boots, you’re shoes are going to be dirty. But if you’re dude going to the office, going out on a date, going out to the movies, whatever, and your shoes are dirty, you need to clean them. You look dirty. You look sloppy. You look like a mess.

Style mistake #3: Pant length. More specifically, guys wearing PANTS THAT ARE TOO SHORT. Now, I’m not talking about stylish, fashion, short pants or cuffed pants. There are a lot of guys wearing the shorter pants, but I’m talking about the dudes that are wearing like Lee jeans or Dockers that are too short; there’s absolutely no break in them.

Gentlemen, your pants should have, at least, a break or even a half. But if you’re walking around and I can see your socks big time, your pants a probably too short. Get the longer size. They will shrink in the dryer. Orrrrrrrrrrr you can always have them altered.

Style mistake #4: Guys NOT WEARING THE RIGHT BELT WITH THE APPROPRIATE DRESS SHOE. The deal is, if you’re wearing a dress shoe, you need to be wearing a dress belt. Your belt also should be matching your shoes not only in leather texture, but in leather finish as well. Meaning, if your shoes are super shiny, dress shoes, your belt should be a super shiny, dress belt. You get it, right? They need to match.

Style mistake #5: BUTTONING THE BOTTOM BUTTON OF YOUR SUIT JACKET. A personal pet peeve of mine. Alright, Gentlemen, it’s 2015. If your suit jacket has two buttons, which ones do you button? The top one. The bottom button is there for show you NEVER want to button it. And if you own a jacket with three buttons, get rid of it. Three buttons belongs in the 90's.

Style mistake #6: WEARING A SILK TIE AND NOT HAVING A DIMPLE. The dimple is essential when wearing a silk tie.

The dimple takes practice; it takes finesse. It takes trial and error, but it’s that small detail that takes your style from an 8 to 11. We’re past 10.

Style mistake #7: WRINKLED CLOTHING. This is very easy to avoid. If your jeans, t-shirts, long-sleeve casual shirts are in the dryer, and you leave them sitting in the dryer and you go to fold them later, guess what? They’re going to be wrinkled. You need to either iron them or turn the dryer back up, get the heat up, get the wrinkles out, then fold or hang them as soon as they’re done. In any case, gentleman, (if you don’t already) learn to use an iron. There is no excuse for wrinkled clothes.

Style mistake #8: WEARING A CREW NECK UNDERNEATH AN UNBOTTONED DRESS SHIRT. They make V-neck and deep v undershirts for a reason. Undershirts are nice. They keep you warm and dry. They protect your clothes from sweat marks. However, you shouldn’t be able to see them.

Style mistake #9: WEARING DRESS SHIRTS UNTUCKED. This is another one that I see so many guys doing they think they’re going “casual”. LOL. You look like you’re wearing a dress, because dress shirts are intended and meant to be worn tucked in since they are longer. Casual shirts, on the other hand, are cut shorter. There is a difference.



Here’s the great thing about the world in which we live in right now, in terms of style… It’s that guys are wearing the most crazy, outlandish socks possible. You don’t even have to match the things, but you definitely need to match the type of sock to the outfit you’re wearing. If you’re just hanging around playing basketball with your boys, you can get away with casual, sporty socks. But if you’re wearing dress shoes, you need to be wearing dress socks. It just makes sense!

And that’s it, gentlemen. Ten common style mistakes and how to fix them.

Here’s the thing… Maybe it’s not you who needs these tips. You’re probably ON POINT. You have it all together. Your friends on the other hand? Your dad, brother, cousin, or uncle? Maybe not.

So share this with them. Is that being a little to blunt? No. I say it’s subtle.

They’ll thank you later, and I will thank you now.

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