Stop Budgeting for One Month

The world is a hectic place. Jobs aren’t stable, bills are high, unexpected medical bills can show up at any moment… not fun.

It is completely understandable that we budget and plan our finances. Heck, I planned and monitored the last 6 months of my finances to the last penny!

However, although this helped me stay on track of my income and spending, what it also did was create a negative relationship with money, one where the thought of money, especially spending it, reaches a point where it almost becomes frightening.

That is not healthy.

Take a break from budgeting and stressing about money for one whole month. One whole cycle of paycheck to paycheck.

Relax just a little. Use the money that you work so hard to earn and enjoy yourself a little bit. It is very unlikely that you will go overboard and spend an insane amount, especially if you are used to budgeting.

If you are really worried about handling money without any official restrictions, you can divide the sum into four equal parts — one for each week of the month.

Money isn’t exactly the best thing that exists in our world, but for most of us, it remains a necessity. And for people who have a family to take care of, whether it’s their children, their partner, siblings, or parents, this situation becomes even more stressful.

So give yourself a break every once in a while, for a whole month.

Put the calculator to the side, and rest your mind from thinking about numbers all the time.

Whenever possible, think about your own mental health before you prioritize anything else.