Life is getting better, comrades!

Mar 5, 2018 · 13 min read
Life is getting better every day

Things are getting better.

Fig 1: Good things are going up
Fig 2: Bad Things are in Decline.

New Whigs, Old Stalinists

Uncle Joe already said it
Thank you Uncle Steve, for a happy childhood
Emmanuel Goldstein: social fascist, saboteur, social justice warrior, feminazi, cultural Marxist …
Uncle Steve says … be grateful. Things are Getting Better. And eat your greens.

New Whigs and Capitalist Roaders

Scratch a new whig, you find a Dengist
Uncounted by the whigs: the dead of Tiananmen Square


Written by

Philip Cunliffe. Academic @UniKentPolitics. Editor in Chief @intpeacekeeping. Write for @TheEIU_Europe. Usual disclaimers apply.

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