19 ways to personalize the ceremony

The ceremony — is the main stage of the wedding, when you are with your loved one becomes a family. That is why it is so important to make it a truly memorable! And this will help you our ideas!

1. Welcome area

Place in front of the ceremony zone baskets with small souvenirs for your guests. For example, if the wedding is held on a hot summer afternoon, you can invite all present sunglasses, and if the winter — mittens and knitted blankets.

2. Arriving at the ceremony

Leaving the groom waiting for you at the altar, on the arm of her father — a great tradition, but if you want you can start the ceremony as you like! For example, drive up to the wedding arch with the groom on the stylish retro car or to go along with the bridesmaids — to include fantasy and surprise your guests!

19 ways to personalize the ceremony

3. Non-standard platform

If you allow the concept of marriage and the timing, conduct the ceremony in some unusual place, for example, in the lush garden or on the roof of high-rise buildings!

4. Seating guests

Discard the traditional rows of chairs and classic seating on a “groom’s relatives — on the one hand, the relatives of the bride — on the other.” To create a more intimate atmosphere, use long benches (or even bales of hay, if the wedding is held in the village), or arrange the chairs in a circle so that the bride and groom were in the center.

5. Unusual decor

You can completely abandon the classical wedding arch, replacing it with unusual options, such as the door “to a new life”, fireplace, embodies the warmth of the hearth, or flower ring, symbolizing the infinity of your feelings.

6. Exit the bride and groom

Pre-select the music that you will go to the altar. Let it reflect your mood and create a special romantic atmosphere.

7. Mailbox

Another beautiful part of your letter will be the ceremony of the guests with regards to the future, they will write to you before the ceremony, and then throw in a symbolic mailbox. Read them in the day of your first anniversary!

19 ways to personalize the ceremony

8. Personal belongings in the decor

Emphasize your characters and hobbies in the design of the reception area. For example, if you travel a lot together, use the souvenirs brought from different countries; if you love to read, set up near the wedding arch several stacks of books favorite author; and if fond of painting or needlework, be sure to use their work in the decor.

9. Boxes rings

Do not forget about accessories. Let a box for rings, too, will be part of a wedding decoration: it can be made of wood and filled with moss or sew elegant vintage pillow with his hands.

10. Family values

Wear shoes to the ceremony or decoration of his mother, in which she was at his own wedding — very sentimental gesture that will make this day even more poignant.

11. The pet

For many couples, their pets — full members of the family, so why not “invite” your pet on this holiday? The fact that should be taken into account in the organization of the ceremony, which will present your dog or cat, read our article.

12. Time Capsule

Write letters to each other in the future, and then seal them in a wooden box with a bottle of wine to open in 10 years and together read the message — what could be more romantic? To make this point even more touching asks parents to join you. And remember, that not every wine can be stored for so long.

13. Oaths

Many couples hesitate to say their wedding vows in front of a large number of guests, so that at the crucial moment to remember the words, prepare it in advance and bring a cheat sheet with the text. And do not forget about the microphones, where registration takes place in the open air, to have been heard all present.


Writing vows is given to you with great difficulty? Cite writers and poets! Just be sure to get those poems or excerpts from works that truly express your feelings, not just beautiful sound. It does not have to be a timeless classic; if you want you can even cite the wedding vows the characters “Game of Thrones.”

15. Wishes from visitors

Hand guests box with your wedding rings and let them pass it around, and everyone, in whose hands it will be, to say farewell to their young. But beforehand, ask guests to be very brief — it’s not a toast, and it is not necessary to stretch the ceremony a few hours. Or pass the rings are not all present, and only close relatives.

16. A friend as a wedding registrar

As a rule, Russian-site registration take place after the official painting in the registry office and have a symbolic meaning. So, for the ceremony you do not need a professional recorder. Ask ceremonies become your close family friend or someone from the parents. Sincere emotions and truly original speech are guaranteed!

17. Beat tradition

For example, spend a sand ceremony — is a Hawaiian tradition, during which the couple sand scattered two different colors in a beautiful vessel that symbolizes the union of two lives into one.

Or beat the tradition tie the knot («tie the knot”), during which you literally holds together its alliance, promised always to be together and support each other. You can steal your hands or a symbolic knot to tie the knot, each holding one side of the rope.

18. Fragrance

Use your favorite flavors to create a mood: light the scented candles, lie near the passage of the sachet of herbs and flowers, and do not forget about their favorite spirits. Smells are remembered best, and after a time, they will remind you and your guests of these magical moments.

19. End of the ceremony

After the ceremony, the spouses of newly adopted showered with rose petals or grain, but you can find other alternatives to this tradition. For example, confetti, bubbles, ribbons, sparklers or firecrackers.

19 ways to personalize the ceremony