Pattern Formation And the Story of Life in the Universe

In my research I’m working on figuring out what patterns come out when something is growing. For example a flower starts out closed and as it grows it blooms and opens up to the world, the reason for this is simple the flower pedals grow faster at the edges, because of that the flower has to open up.

The Patterns of Life

This is an example of pattern formation, which is a very cool topic. Everything around you, from galaxies to planets to life and human beings are examples of pattern formation. What’s nice about these patterns is that they come out of almost nowhere! For example life came out of a soup of chemicals, no body ordered DNA when the soup of chemicals was put together, but somehow seemingly from no where life came out as a stable pattern, and with time started to branch into more complex and intelligent patterns like us.

Cosmic Patterns

To go even deeper the whole universe was a homogeneous soup of matter and radiation, there was no “structure” to it, there was the same amount of matter in every point except for tiny seemingly unimportant fluctuations (which you can see for your self in the picture blow,). These fluctuations with their tiny force of gravity kept growing over thousand and millions of years by pulling over matter towards them, this mess eventually became clusters of galaxies, stars , black holes, planets, and chocolate ice cream.

Back to earth

Understanding pattern formation can help us make structures that can spontaneously assemble into patterns that we want, for example we may be able to throw a soup into the mix which then self assembles into a car! or more realistically into building blocks of devices that we might use.

It is amazing to appreciate all the beauty around you, but to appreciate how those patterns emerge from seemingly no where is an amazing beauty of it own.