An App Based Fashion Assistant You Never Knew You Wanted

Do you hear it, stylists?

Two years before I started working as a Fashion stylist, and six years before I was assisting a bunch of respected Stylists in India whilst still in college. Running in and out from a store-room to a Runaway’s backstage has been a part and parcel of my life. Working in a Fashion magazine environment might sound glamorous but there is more to it off camera.

The privilege to be able to witness great imageries and creative people around you involves some manual labor. Though, carrying countless amount of bags and suitcases around really helped me upgrade my stamina and physical health, it also helped me ruin my back and ankle even more (I have a ligament tear on my right ankle because of my job, which takes years to heal or maybe it never will).

This crazy job needs you to throw your sanity home and come as you are and work your ass off to just make an Image. Now if you suddenly need, say, a lollipop and candies on the set — “Assistant! Go and get it. A pink one — oh and brighter the better- a spiral one — make sure the texture is super glossy. I don’t care how it tastes. You know? ”

Since the time I moved in Bangalore, It’s been a struggle to find creative minds who’re ready to put as much effort for a fashion imagery. I have been chasing onto many young assistants but none satisfied me to an extent I would call them the next time!

Then I met a new stylist friend who I was assisting myself at a shoot — recommended me to DUNZO!
I knew there is an app culture in this city but I never realized the beauty of it. I was so amused.

As a stylist, you need an assistant for not only manual labor but also for some suggestions and sensible small decisions to be made behind, when we are busy. Dunzo couldn’t serve me as a styling assistant when I wanted it to tie a neat bow, but it does assures me to save us on set in case of emergencies.

The times when we lose it, really! I remember once when on set, our Clothes steamer started to act weird. Dunzo really bought me one and delivered it within 30 mins.

A minute’s lag is a huge for us on shoots- but this one came in as rescue and we could afford a delay.

Now, everyone wants different coffee and a different meal on set- So when Dada (spot boy) is sorting our coffee/chai, Dunzo dada gets everyone their favorite meal. As random as from Pancakes to Vada Pao.

And when I needed my 15 -20 courier boxes to be couriered, I dunzo-ed it ALL because I was on business trip! So I run a task from Mumbai to be done in Bangalore!

And then once when I need these tons of heavy boxes to leave my office (to go back to the designer ) from Indiranagar to Kalyan Nagar. Phew! I had other tasks piled up meanwhile which I could finish and saved me from spoiling my day in cabs and Bangalore traffic.

AND this one-

When I am moody because ‘hi! my job allows me to be cranky sometimes’, I order those baked cheese nachos ( which Swiggy can never deliver to me , hush!) & my Dunzo pal quickly gets it done.

I have developed this soft corner for Dunzo after we have started to work so closely and so often.

It’s pretty thoughtful how Dunzo develops different relationship with each of its user. For some — a major business help, some a super-intern, some a mother, a best friend, and even a boyfriend who gets you ice-cream at 2AM ! :)

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