BUFFY and DOOM Exist In Parallel Dimensions

Or: How Doomguy Is The Slayer

Imagine a girl who uncovers a clandestine group of scientists and soldiers hellbent on using demonic powers for the betterment of humanity. But alas, something goes wrong at their facility and she has to destroy everything this secret group spent years trying to build.

Now imagine a marine who uncovers a clandestine group of scientists and soldiers hellbent on using demonic powers for the betterment of humanity. But alas, something goes wrong at their facility and he has to destroy everything this secret group spent years trying to build.

It is here that I posit that Doom and Buffy exist in parallel dimensions, specifically how the events of Buffy Season 4 and DOOM (2016) tie the whole shebang together.

It’s well established in Buffy that alternate dimensions are a normal thing, and in Buffy’s dimension the Slayer is always a woman. But in an alternate dimension, couldn’t a man be the Slayer? And not just any man, but a UAC spacemarine? And not just any spacemarine, but a spacemarine given the title of “Doomslayer” by the legions of Hell itself?

“In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him the Doom Slayer.”
Slayer’s Testament I — UAC REPORT FILE H8UM66S

Now, the events of Buffy S4 begin in late 1999 (the first episode aired in October), when she discovers a secret government operation known as “The Initiative”, subsequently unearthing their plans to capitalize on the abilities of demons for the purposes of technological advancement. The events of DOOM take place in October of 2149, exactly 150 years after the start of Buffy S4. When the Doomslayer awakens in a United Aerospace Corporation facility on Mars, he discovers the facility is built atop a rift to Hell, and the UAC has been using this demonic energy to provide sustainable energy to Earth. Now let me take a moment to lay out the comparisons of these two story arcs before I get in to how the timelines might fit together.

The Initiative and the United Aerospace Corporation

The Initiative and the UAC both appear on the surface to have altruistic motives, but actually hide much darker secrets within. Their more nefarious goings on are both spearheaded by very-similar-looking strong female scientists in the form of Dr. Maggie Walsh and Olivia Pierce respectively. Both groups deal in the cybernetic enhancement of humans and demons, occationally dabbling in hybrids of both.

Incidentally, both of these facilities become overrun with demons at one point or another.

Maggie Walsh and Olivia Pierce

The leaders of their respective “scientific” projects, both of these women craved to create a better breed of being through the combination of flesh and metal.

Right: Maggie Walsh | Left: Olivia Pierce

The magnum opus for each of these women (at least in terms of cybernetically enhanced people and demons) was the Initiative’s “Adam” and the UAC’s “Cyberdemon”. Adam was a man-machine-demon hybrid with cybernetic and demonic enhancements including an arm with a retractable spike and an arm capable of morphing into a gun. Buffy was only able to defeat him by removing a power cell in his chest. The Cyberdemon was a demon-machine hybrid with one spiked arm and one massive gun arm who could also only be defeated by removing a power source embedded in its chest.

Right: Adam | Left: Cyberdemon

The Slayer and the Doomslayer

So, as before mentioned, in the fall of 1999 Slayer Buffy Summers stumbles across the secret government installation known as The Initiative. In the fall of 2149, a nameless spacemarine wakes up on a bloody stone tablet in the UAC’s Argent Facility on Mars. Buffy meets Riley Finn, an operative of The Initiative who eventually helps Buffy infiltrate The Initiative and end Maggie Walsh’s plans of unleashing a new race of human/demon hybrids onto the Earth. The Doom Marine meets Dr. Samuel Hayden, the manager of the Argent Facility who helps the Doom Marine infiltrate the deeper levels of the compound and end Olivia Pierce’s plans of unleashing an army of demons onto the Earth.

Now how might these two worlds fit together? Well, I’d postulate that in some form or another the events of Season 4 of Buffy exist across all dimensions and timelines. At some point in the history of the multiverse the harnessing of demonic energy by human beings will occur. It’s an event so influential that all dimensions will experience it. In the Doomslayer’s dimension it just took a lot longer to come to pass than it did in Buffy’s.

“What about the events of the three previous seasons?” you may ask. Well, the Doomslayer probably experienced an equivalent to these events as well. More than a half dozen texts recalling the previous deeds of the Doomslayer get discovered in Hell by the UAC before the events of DOOM even begin. The folklore surrounding Buffy’s deeds by the time S4 rolls around is similar, albeit less grusome, to the way the demons in DOOM view the deeds of the Doomslayer. Evidence would suggest that the Doomslayer may have been at war with the demons of Hell for centuries, lending credence to the idea that he was probably chosen for this purpose — just as Buffy was chosen to be the Vampire Slayer. In each dimension of the multiverse, someone needs to hold back the hordes of Hell, be they a teenager in California or a musclebound marine on Mars.

So there’s my rudimentary outline for how the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Doom might fit together. This whole thing came about as a joke as I started notices similarities in the story arcs after I played through DOOM and watched Buffy for the first time; but as I sat back and more and more obscure pieces of information fell into place, I figured I’d write all this nonsense down just to see what other people thought about it. Maybe one day Fox and Universal will give us the Buffy/Doom crossover event nobody has ever asked for.