Matt Schutz WRR

I live with both my mom, Kathryn Schutz, and my dad, Timothy Schutz, and Simba and Nala, my two beloved cats. My mom and dad were both born in Washington D.C.; however, my dad moved shortly after to Florida while my mom stayed in D.C.. They ended up crossing paths once again while attending Western Carolina University. They have been together ever since. I have one older brother, Timothy Schutz II. He is currently serving in the Air Force and is stationed on the Island of Guam, setting up communications. I have not seen him in nearly a year, but I talk to him over Apps on a daily basis.

My favorite sport is soccer. It has grown to be a part of me I can’t live without. I started playing my 7th grade year, and have played it up until I was the Varsity Captain my senior year.

I chose to take this class because I knew practically nothing about journalism or the newspaper production process. Shortly into the class, I felt like I made a mistake; it was hard to learn so much new material so fast and on top of all that, I am not the strongest writer. But the longer I stayed in the class, the more I began to feel at home. My first piece in the newspaper was the sports briefs section, and I was amazed that my writing was being distributed to the entire student body and community.

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