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Parkour! You’re probably already thinking about Steve Carrel enthusiastically hurling his body across the room, screaming at the top of this lungs. And somehow that ninety second skit perfectly captures the thrill of what makes parkour so exciting.

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Screaming, however, is not necessary.

After all, parkour practitioners thrive on challenging themselves to grow as athletes. Whether it’s by finding that new hot spot to develop their skills or seeking support from others who share their similar passion— or at least finding someone to spot them on their first failed back flip attempt.

This is made difficult, however, by the limited platforms available for discovering new avenues for runners to grow and practice their craft. …

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Warning: There are puns. And they’re all Terrier-ble.

It’s finally the weekend. You’re already all dressed up to hit the town because you sure as hell ain’t cooking. And as you get a text from your buddies asking where to meet, that’s when you see it: your best buddy sitting at the door, wagging wildly near his leash.

If this guilt trip hits close to home, you know howl hard it is leaving your pup alone unattended. You’ve probably ended up countless times scouring the net for dog friendly restaurants fur your pooch.

Laws in place such ensure the health and safety of people, but it can be difficult to find the right places to bring Fido (get it?)

Well the reviews said this place was dog friendly…7 years ago. Should you call to make sure? This guy says this other place allows dogs. And twelve other people said they don’t. Oh, only if the dog’s smaller than a poodle. How heavy is the poodle? And this last place has the word “dog” in the name. …


William Man

Product Designer with a specialty in Pet-Tech and Fitness apps @thepixelpup

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