7 things to do on weekends at IIT Madras


Been a year since I graduated. Here the list from my weekend experience at IIT Madras.

1. Watch TV series and Movies

This is what most people do most of the times. This is the drug of IITs(Yes all of them). The upside to this is that people generate a fresh pop culture and really start appreciating the content created by people all over the world. They really dig into details and nerd the heck out of everything.

or be part of the Media Club and make your own content

2. Playing Games

Everything. Just about everything is played here. From Dota to Minesweeper. People are nuts about the games. I’ve seen people miss classes, dates and even exams. And it’s not just playing alone in a room. But this has a whole social aspect to it which really makes some of the best friendships.

3. Phoenix: The Adda

When I entered IIT there was no Phoenix mall. They built it I think in my 2nd year. It’s walkable from the Velachery Gate. Honestly one of the best places to just chill. Shopping, Bowling, Eating, Movies it’s got everything a college kid needs.

4. Go home

Yeah, I know. This is what a lot of people(read as locals) do every weekend. These are the people who always ditch that awesome plan you had, because they have a uncle(they don’t know the name of) to meet. But good for them, They get to experience the best of both worlds.

5. Travel

The world’s not a small place. Get out there! And being in a college is the best time to travel. Trust me I missed out a few good opportunities. Go anywhere. Pondi, Mahabs, Tada, Kovalam anything is fine. As long as you’re travelling with a purpose and the best kind of people.

6. Extra activities (Going to sound like a brocher)

This is a sub list!

a. Sports


IIT Madras has some of the best facilities for this. If you really want to be good at a sport this is a place.

b. Dance


The Choreo Club is hands down the coolest club here. Period.

c. Photography and Videography


This is where I kind of was. With a really photogenic lush green campus, and some inspiration from movies and videos. You must go and give a try to photography and short film making.

c. Fine Arts


Just let the colors flow through you!

d. Music


The inter hostel LM and WM AND the saarang is the best place to hone your musical talent and test it out.

e. CFI


I always wanted to be part of it. Didn’t happen. This is the place which makes IITs better that any other colleges. This is where ‘actual’ engineering takes places. From Raftar to IITMSAT, this place would make you fall in love with engineering.

f. Lectures and Seminars


I was too late to realise how great this is. Go attend the lectures that happen at ICSR. It’s worth it, my boy.

7. Bhajan

People are very religious at IIT. They love bhajans. Bhajans love them. They pray to all the great goddesses and some gods too. And with the power of high speed broadband internet, they always remain connected to the gods. They have great appreciation to all kinds of bhajans. No they don’t stick to one, they love variety. Especially when a new goddess appears. Her blessing have the most power in them. No matter how tired or busy they are. They always take their time out for this. And no matter how low they feel. They know it in their hearts that this will always, lift them up.

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