10 Reasons why you should shop alone

1. It’s a time saver.

You do not need to waste any time waiting for anyone, and you don’t get distracted as much.

2. Instant gratification.

As opposed to online shopping, you get to take your newly purchased goodies home with you.

3. You are the only one calling the shots.

Everybody has those stores that they love but your friend hates, right? Not an issue if you’re shopping alone.

4. Your snack time, on your own terms?

Little pit stop at Wasabi Sushi Express? Why not. No sharing necessary.

5. Move at your own pace.

Want to stop for a delicious coffee at Abbracci Café? 5 minutes? 2 hours?

Take your time.

Want to try out some perfume at Franks? Try them all, without rushing.

6. You get to know yourself more.

You’d be surprised to learn what you really like (or dislike for that matter) when your opinion is the only one present.

7. Give back to the local community.

Contribute more to local shops, like Dr. Juice and Just Burger.

8. No pressure to buy something.

There’s no one to influence you into (or out of) buying something.

9. No judgement.

There’s no one to judge your buying decisions, be it from a price point of view or from a style point of view. You also do not have to judge your shopping partner's prospective purchases.

10. Shop on your own budget.

Get to manage your money better.