Our Vision: This is the time for change.

In the contemporary society, many international organizations have revolutionized the way we solve human problems.

As a result, however, they only have a large share of professional data and information, and they exist in closed networks.

In addition, sensitive personal information is at risk of being exposed externally at any time.

Pluto aims to democratize the system of global organizations.

Pluto Protocol creates a unique ecosystem for examining and solving the problems facing the world so that users can easily, safely, and precisely contribute to human development.

Pluto is the first block chain to contribute to the charity.

Pluto knows how to support the people in need while complying with the United Nations and international organization’s own laws and regulations.

The blockchain can eventually solve difficult problems by expanding the ecosystem to the point of solving human problems.

Why Pluto?

The problem with humanity requires a democratic and encrypted Pluto Protocol.

The Pluto Protocols utilize encrypted data and a token model with a blockchain model to solve the problem of storing basic data. It motivates the protocol to control the data and exchange applications at the same time.

It is a perfect way to ensure that all of the institutional and user requirements are met.

The organization has complete control and sharing of its data, and the user can contribute to human development by exchanging data.

Homepage : https://thepluto.org

Telegram Pluto Community: https://t.me/PlutoCommunity



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