Democrats Need to Stop Blaming Each Other

I see it on social media everyday: a Bernie supporter bashing a Clinton supporter and vice versa. Bernie supporters claim that Clinton stole the election from Bernie, and Clinton supporters claim that Bernie supporters switching over to Green Party candidate Jill Stein hurt Clinton during the general election.

This is a huge problem I see within the Democratic Party. Democrats throw stones at each other just as often as they do with the opposing party. Frankly, I am tired of seeing it.

We need to rebuild the Democrat party by working together. We need to focus on winning the 2018 Senate and House elections and the 2020 Presidential election. If Democrats don’t focus on winning and instead focus on blaming each other, we are going to continue to lose.

This includes picked candidates that oppose to both sides of the party. Not only for presidential, but for the Democratic National Committee. I see several Democrats knocking a candidate for the DNC chair just because they are too “Hillary” like, or too “Bernie” like. Stop that. Focus on what their issues are.

Along with the Bernie-Hillary debate, we need to stop bashing Senators based on who they endorsed or didn’t endorse during the primaries. For example, Elizabeth Warren chose to stay neutral during the primary elections and clearly would have been fine with either candidate. But after the primaries, she endorsed Hillary Clinton. Still to this day I hear her being called a “sell-out”, even though she is a remarkable senator that works hard for American values.

Democrats need to focus on winning back the support of every single Democrat out there, not just Clinton supporters or Bernie supporters. We need a DNC candidate that works for both teams, not one.

We need to focus on becoming one team. Bernie supported Hillary after the primary election. Why? Because there was a common enemy. Our common enemy is President Trump. We need to join together and make sure that Donald Trump is a one-term president. We need to stop focusing on the primary election and focus on the future.

This is coming from someone who started out as a Hillary supporter before the primaries, switched to Bernie during the primaries, and then supported Hillary again during the general election. I see the social media nonsense everyday and I am sick and tired of it, and you should be too.

If we continue to blame each other instead of getting real progress done, Democrats will continue to lose.