What is Pong Heroes?


Sounds familiar, right?

That’s because Pong was the first ever commercially successful video game. Thanks to that prestigious title everyone that’s at least somewhat familiar with the gaming space knows Pong or has at least heard the name before. But the truth about Pong is that it was not made with the intention of being some ultra-successful, era-defining game found in every arcade. The origin of it was one simple training exercise given to the creator Allan Alcorn by the founder of Atari. The company he worked for at the time. But, he went so far above and beyond the expectations of the founders, that they looked at the game and thought: “This is pretty good. Let’s release it.” And so, Pong was born.

Alright, at this point you are thinking: “How does this relate to the story?”

Well… If you know pong, you know that the game is pretty bare-bones. At least, by today’s standards. Just have a look at it

Nowadays we have so many more options and resources to resurrect the ‘old man’. This is how it all ties together to Pong Heroes.

The concept of Pong is simple. Play against your friend, score a certain number of points, win, the end. But, imagine if you could compete in tournaments with others around the world. What if you could be the next Bugha or Faker?

Studies show that the 2 most desirable careers today are influencer and e-sports athlete. In that order. But, there is a problem. If you spend all your time to be the best at an e-sport but fail to become a part of the 0.01% of players, you have nothing to show for it. You still don’t have any money, you’ve most likely spent more than you’ve made. So what’s the loophole? What’s the workaround to becoming a star e-sports athlete, without the financial risk?

Play-to-earn. The better you are the more you earn and if you are serious about climbing to the top, you can make BANK.

Alright, potential stardom, a fatter bank account, what else can we add to the old-school Pong nowadays?

What if the 2 white squares that players control weren’t so boring? Doable. Buy, sell, trade NFTs that relate to the game. Easy, right? Play games and make your wallet even fatter.

Sounds too-good-to-be-true?

It might, but that doesn’t mean it is. All of this will become a reality very soon with Pong Heroes.

A combination of P2E, PVP, NFT’s & much more, Pong Heroes is meant to bring the famous game to the Binance Smart Chain. Our team is full of veterans in this space. Combined we have generated millions in market cap and with Pong Heroes our mission is to establish a foothold and then a chokehold in the P2E market, which isn’t even in its infancy yet.

Everything we were talking about earlier in this article is already available for you to try. And this is only the alpha. Much more is coming.

Stake your claim in the next generation of video games. Become a Hero!



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