Changes for Thepool Lisk delegate

ThePool is a forging Lisk delegate. It is operated by blockchain development company that is focused on expanding the Lisk ecosystem through development of Lisk sidechain applications. As ThePool develops Lisk sidechain applications, ThePool voters are rewarded with tokens from the newly introduced sidechains, in addition to traditional Lisk token rewards.

As Lisk evolved dramatically in last year by terrific efforts from Lisk Foundation appointed developers. Now developers can work with alpha version of lisk-sdk which pretty much allows to develop anything. Missing part is interoperability, either with Lisk mainchain and/or other chains. This could be solved now with solutions similar to federated peg, however Lisk foundation strives for the best and research is in progress to implement best solution. All apps developed now, should be quite easily migrated and tied to Lisk mainchain in future.

Lisk delegates should act in the best interest of ecosystem, morally and technically, therefore thepool stands up for the industry standard and dramatically changes goals.

Since today, Thepool stops following programs:
-Incentivising node operators to run reporting software for From now on, there will be no reward for running software, it will be fully voluntary process, like on testnet.
-Supporting 5 standby delegates financially, weekly.
-Supporting selected hard working individuals, weekly.

Software We developed which will be no longer supported

Software We will continue to support:
- (we will add support to distribute tokens for dapps)

Now that initial versions of the Lisk SDK have been released, ThePool’s primary objective is to develop Lisk sidechain applications while maximizing incentives to voters by rewarding ThePool voters with tokens from sidechains ThePool develops. This is how delegated proof of stake is supposed to work in Lisk.

Interesting times for Lisk.

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