LDice — proof of concept

Oct 8 · 2 min read

Proud to release first gambling dapp, made with lisk-sdk.

Building with lisk-sdk allowed us to create the fastest blockchain application, roll results are returned within 5 seconds from submitting transaction, comparing to minimum 30–60 seconds in Ethereum (assuming transaction didn’t failed and had proper fee)

Concept is simple. Block interval in this dapp is set to 5 seconds. Rolling logic is assembled as custom transaction https://github.com/thepool-io/ldice/blob/master/dapp-src/actions/bet.js

User bets desired amount of token, picks number to roll under, from range 2–99. Sends transaction type 12 with asset {“bet_number”:38}. When transaction is executed, result is written to the sender account asset in database and balance appropriately updated.

At this time it is proof of concept, along the road, it’s needed to:
-Implement treasury for native token
-Implement way to gamble with multiple tokens, including but not limited to LSK, with deposit feature via federated peg dex and later with different solution proposed by LiskHQ. However, right now there are options for dex in Lisk (https://medium.com/@jonathangrosdubois/im-writing-this-article-to-announce-my-resignation-from-lightcurve-and-to-lay-out-my-plans-as-an-197152c518db)
-Max profit limited by % of current treasury holdings for specific token
-Native token rights to profit, from the treasury revenue (dividends)
-Verify and debug undoAsset
-Proper client side application
-Additional verifications in validateAsset
Ensure true randomness on all forging nodes :) — might be hard one

-undoAsset is yet hard and unclear to debug and it’s important part of working with custom transaction logic
-computational result of custom transaction, stored in account asset might not be the most efficent, assuming thousands of transactions and lack of pagination for account->asset (?). Thus We proposed https://github.com/LiskHQ/lisk-sdk/issues/4346

Basic client html application can be accessed through:
Explorer accessible at port 6040:

Open-source repository accessible under this url: https://github.com/thepool-io/ldice

Join our discord to get involved: Open Discord invite link
If pre-set account balance is gone, you can ping there to receive test tokens and test LDice. Simple token transfers can be done with Lisk Hub by setting custom server:

Thepool team