A highway love story.

November 2017–Our car swayed in the wind like a limp sail in the middle of the ocean as me and my girlfriend, Doy, approached the 14 highway just south of Santa Clarita, Ca.

At times the wind got so bad it made me want to pull over.

How are other…

Great for relaxation. Helps with anxiety, depression and mild to chronic pain | $25/8th @ Beverly Medical Collective

Mars OG is a fitting name for this medium-strength, indica-based, OG phenotype, known for it’s “spacey” effects. On the first pull I feel an immediate sense of calm and relaxation in my body followed by a head-trip that feels like a day-dream.

Mars OG provides an old-school style high that…

People always say: If you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life, but I disagree. Nobody imagines getting up at 4 in the morning when they think about their dream job.

Peter Halmay, 76, reads the morning paper on Halloween Day (2017)

I set off before dawn on Halloween day for San Diego…

Lexis-Olivier Ray

Freelance Multimedia Journalist & Artist | Los Angeles Based | www.LATACO.com Contributor

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