Why a Pop-Up shop — Time to hangout with your customer!

With fading dominance of online-only shopping and unpredictable costs associated with long-term brick and mortar stores, we believe pop-up shops are the perfect balance for retail-related businesses. Online distribution is definitely helpful in saving money on various overheads and reaching a wider audience, but, your brand still needs a face-to-face experience, even if it is short-term. Is it time for you to hangout with your customer?

We think YES! The special allure of empowering your consumers with both online and offline interactions is why we think it’s necessary. A pop-up shop is an event or venue that is temporary — “popping-up” one day and disappearing the next. Why popups though?

1. Testing market sentiment for new products

You created the best new makeup in market, and were so sure of its game-changing revolutionary impact for your customers that you replaced your old line on your website completely. However, your 200,000 followers across socials are taking time to adapt, especially with the thousands of different options they could go to and test out.

How do you test and evolve this sentiment? A pop-up store is there to speed up this process. You find out where your loyal customers are, set up store for a day, weekend or month and gauge their reaction. It helps you get an almost instant response, which you can factor into research.

2. Get actionable data and ACT on it

Pop-ups can help you connect with consumers whether it be food and drink, clothing, technology, music or really anything you create. This creates the perfect environment for data creation. Data collected from a variety of customer touch points can be used for improvements, build even better experiences, drive operational excellence, improve customer advocacy, and increase revenue.

3. Tell your story

You created your unique brand; by sourcing wool and empowering communities from a faraway location for cashmere sweaters, or kids shoes that factors in their growth spurt and provides discounts based off that, or just have great design, fabric and fit for men’s underwear or socks. Your customers want to hear / experience your relevance, authenticity and transparency through real-time social engagement, which helps earn brand loyalty.

We think YOU are ready to launch your #Popup! We are here with some spaces at PopMark:

Art Gallery in Mission District, SF
Storefront in Venice, CA
Subway station at Columbus Circle, NY
Outdoor shipping container in Chicago

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