Deep Dive #1: Dreamgun

This is the first edition of a short series I’ll be doing for a class, called Deep Dive. The purpose of this series is to share obscure web content that I’ve found and that I believe some people might enjoy.

Over the years, internet comedy has evolved from being just a few people making videos with their friends, to becoming its own industry. As videos like “Shoes” and “Charlie The Unicorn” received millions upon millions of views, it became clear that online videos had the potential to become as popular as some TV shows. What was once just a hobby for some people became a career, with channels like Smosh and LiamKyleSullivan pumping out video after video. Some of the most popular YouTube stars, such as Fred, have even gone on to do feature films (most of which are usually not very good). Like any form mass media, most online comedy is not very good, Even the most popular stuff is geared primarily for 12 year olds. However, a few creators rise above the rest and make something truly outstanding. Dreamgun and Sons are those outstanding creators.

“They say you only use 20% of the beats in your own brain.”

A group of comedians based in Ireland, Dreamgun and Sons primarily make short comedy videos on Youtube. The videos they make usually aren’t longer than five minutes, but that works in their favor. Their videos are full of rapid-fire jokes, odd gags, and bizarre sentence fragments that make multiple viewings extremely rewarding. Most recently (April 11, 2016), they released “Millennials”, is a series of two second gags about things like“credit cars, shelfies, and e-chess” that require the viewer to perhaps pay a bit more attention than you might when watching something like, say, SNL. Don’t confuse this with the kind of short attention span-based gags that other comedians use, however. Dreamgun’s jokes are much more thought-out than that. They frequently parody different types of films with their work, from millennial coming of age films to cat-and-mouse police thrillers to gangster movies.

Gym Gravy (Dreamgun, 2015)

In the world of low-budget, low-fi web media, it can be very common to find videos that are made by amateurs who don’t do a very good job of polishing their videos. Poor lighting, noisy audio, and crude effects are all common elements of the online video experience, and most viewers are willing to overlook them. Dreamgun’s videos have none of these problems. They are very well made, with professional-looking shots and high-quality audio. The lack of problems that typically plague amateur video helps to let the stellar writing and performances truly shine.

Dreamgun hasn’t updated their channel since making “Millennials” 10 months ago. This is because they’ve been putting on live performances of a play that they wrote, called “Mimes in Time”. As far as I can tell, they’re only performing it locally, so unless you’re going to be in the Dublin area sometime soon, you probably won’t get to see them. All in all, these guys are definitely a group to pay attention to in the future.


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(this post was revised on 4.19.2017)