Wagan Sarukhanov

We are thrilled to tell you of great news — Wagan Sarukhanov has become our adviser!

Wagan is an expert in hardware development and software with more than 30 years of experience, the author of express-training techniques for novice engineers and developers.

The transformation of production with the help of decentralized solutions is one of our priorities, for us the 20-year experience of Wagan in production management is important.

Among other things, Wagan is the author of inventions, project mentor, strategic adviser for a number of projects.

We look forward to a long-term and productive cooperation with Wagan and his company Flexlab!

In this document, we would like to acquaint the reader with the latest development of our project, which may change not only the blockchain market but also the market of applications as a whole — a new type of decentralized applications (DApps) — Dapps 2.0.

Smart contracts — the very first DApps

The simplest example of a decentralized application (without the interface part) is a smart contract: the code that runs inside the blockchain. Due to the fact that it is verified by all nodes, no one can fake it. The result of the check should be the same to be validated by the network. In PoW…

As the blockchain industry continues to improve, sheer technology is not enough to fit the growing market demands. While we are working passionately and uninterruptedly on our technical development to fit our roadmap, we also make sure to work on business development, integration tools, as well as strategic partnerships to build technical and business ecosystem which is underlined on our platform.

This is where Power_hub Comes In

The Power_hub is an entirely decentralized application, platform, and a service which is intended to fulfill the role of a junction point between different users with their needs and developers — with their capabilities.

The purpose of the Power_hub…

Hello, dear community!

We hope you had a fine week. Today we are bringing you our new initiative — The Power Insights; From now on, once a week we`ll share key points of last week in our project development. Please, stay tuned for our progress reports.

Project development

MS Azure Test

On the night of 15th September, our team ran the test with maximum workload 100,000 tps for the second time.

This time, in Azure facilities kindly provided by Microsoft.

Soon we will publish a video and detailed post about this landmark event.

We chose Microsoft Azure because of three purposes: a broad geographical spread of virtual servers, a wide range of tools and stable VM work.

Within a few days, the team had deployed an environment. Initially, we intended to set up the network on 150 servers. …

The Power adviser Fiorenzo Manganiello

Fiorenzo Manganiello is a professor of blockchain technologies at Geneva Business School and a thesis supervisor for master in finance and MBA students. With an entrepreneurial mind-set, he was awarded as Blockchain Expert Switzerland for 2018 by Acquisition International. He is fluent in five languages and has a distinguished academic background, having studied at IMD, London School of Economics and Luiss Business School

He started his career as a quantitative analyst in the hedge fund space, developing quantitative risk assessment tools. …

We are happy to welcome our new adviser — Luke Lombe!

The Power adviser, Luke Lombe

Luke Lombe is the Founder of Echelon One, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm to a range of clients including blockchain startups, Grammy award-winning production studios, government offices, mining operations, VR projects, real estate franchises, and leading tech firms. With a diversity and experience that transcends four continents, Luke is the Head of Blockchain for PlayChip, set to be the world’s leading blockchain-enabled sports betting ecosystem, and ICO advisor for Cryptyk, where he spearheaded market strategy for this award-winning cyber-security blockchain company. …

❓ Why should I participate in another one referral program?

⭐️ Because you’ll get rewarded with EVERY ACTION your referrals make. Find more below

How it works in general?

  1. You share your personal referral link with your friends
  2. They follow the link, register Power_wallet and participate in the Referral program and bounty campaigns
  3. You get rewards in both cases:
  • Your referrals purchase SKs and you get 5% of it;
  • Your referrals take part in bounty campaigns and you get 5% from all their actions (validated by us).

4. Life gets better!

Note: We’ll allocate rewarded tokens to your Power_wallet only if: a. Your referrals pass…

The Power community

Project overview

If you don’t have a clue what The Power is about — we develop three-layer blockchain with instant 100.000+ on-chain transactions and real-time auto scalability through sharding.

The Power allocate up to 1% of all issued tokens to ‘The Power Incentives’ program. The name of The Power token is SK (Smart Key). If you are interested in tokenomics —come this way.

The Power Incentives

Dear community!

This is the very first post dedicated to our community development.

We work hard to bring the best blockchain to life and we know exactly every blockchain project couldn’t succeed without community support and engagement. …

The Power Guide How to setup local Power_testnet
Dear community!

We are pleased to announce:

  1. Our code is public at GitHub. Go ahead — check it, analyze it.

2. We prepared a guide for you on how to deploy your local Power_testnet.


What does it give to you

  1. You’ll setup a virtual machine. VirtualBox (Windows, macOS) and Parallels (macOS) were tested by the team.
  2. There is Linux within the virtual machine with automatically installed all necessary tools for local testnet launch. For the test build, we used Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  3. You’ll run 3 shards with 3 nodes in each (9 nodes at all) with interchain interaction implemented.

Thanks to that, you will explore…


High speed blockchain: instant 100,000+ tps, real-time auto scalable sharding + synchronous consensus.

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