In Community we trust! ‘The Power Incentives’
Sep 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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The Power community

Project overview

If you don’t have a clue what The Power is about — we develop three-layer blockchain with instant 100.000+ on-chain transactions and real-time auto scalability through sharding.

The Power Incentives

Dear community!

This is the very first post dedicated to our community development.

Stage I: Referral program

We’ll start from the most simple but powerful part — referral program. All details will come in our next post. Here we wanna mention this is not an usual standard referral program. The point is: your referrals are participating in both Referral Program and Bounty Campaign and you earn SK tokens with every their action!

  1. When your referrals participate in bounty campaigns you get 5% of all tokens they will be awarded (after validation of actions).

Stage II: SM Bounty campaign

This bounty campaign will be dedicated to our Social media channels. To be awarded you’ll need to join it and make some simple actions.

Stage III: Proof-of-caring campaign

This is stage for true supporters who are able to make significant impact to the project. It will be divided into different campaigns for developers, local ambassadors, bloggers, writers and other engaged talented people.

Rules and restrictions

The main rule is to be confident with each other participants and people around you.

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