DeBio Network — The Anonymous-First Platform for Medical and Bioinformatics Data.

What DeBio Is trying Solve —

→ Genetic Testing has grown significantly in recent years with this exponential growth the concerns regarding an individual’s

right to autonomy, privacy, and confidentiality.

→The Basic problem with genetic testing solutions today is they are Centralized Which increases the risk of genetic data used against them which is called “ Genetic Discrimination” .

Here come’s the Saviour “Debio Network”

→Debio Eliminates the risks of Genetic Discrimination by using Blockhain Technology & high level encryption to protect identity — while allowing users to access the benefits of genetic


Individuals who use DeBio’s anonymous bioinformatics services are not required to provide any

demographic data. Their identity is not accessible by any testing labs. And any other data they

may provide is fully encrypted and inaccessible by third parties without their permission.

And to increase more privacy , Debio processes all genetic testing payments using Cryptocurrencies so that even financial about genetic testing is nearly untraceable to the users 😀 .

DeBio’s Core Value’s :-

  1. The Right of Privacy for Individuals.
  2. The Right for Individuals to Take Preemptive Measures on Their Health.
  3. Technological Innovation and the Right of Individuals to Participate


Debio Bioinformatics Use Cases→

  1. Decentralized Genetics
  2. Biomedical Testing
  3. Electronic Medical Records

Technologies Used By Debio Network —

1.Substrate→The DeBio Network team chose Substrate because of its capabilities and we intend

to connect our parachain to the Octopus Network relay chain. Beyond enabling the DeBio

Network to connect the parachain to the existing Octopus Network relay chain, DeBio Network’s

parachain will also benefit from the security provided by the relay chain.

2.Kilt Protocol→KILT Protocol provides a solution that prevents data or identifiable User behavior from being

recorded or concentrated in one entity. Built on the principles of “Privacy by Design,” KILT is an

open-source blockchain protocol that issues claim-based verifiable, revocable, and anonymous


3. Octopus Network→The Octopus Network will be used for connecting to public networks, more specifically, to public


4.The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)→IPFS is a protocol made for fully decentralized, peer-to-peer data sharing and storage. IPFS uses

a content addressing system by hashing the content. Every piece of content that uses the IPFS

protocol has a content identifier or CID, that is its hash🔗. The hash is unique to the content that

it came from.

4.Ocean Protocol→Ocean Protocol resolves
the tradeoff between the benefits of using private data and the risks of exposing it.

RoadMap Of Debio Network→

For More information visit→

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