Can You Tell an Ass Kisser from a Praiser?

It may not be hard to tell the difference but can be uneasy to choose the right one. The answer reflects the health of a leader’s Ego that can affect many aspects of his or her leadership — vision, image, power, stability, etc. On the other hand, IT IS HARD to know talent at a personal level regardless how healthy the leader’s Ego is, which is a general need among leaders.

To take leadership to Level 5, it is essential for leaders to focus on the big picture than personal benefits, so they can make independent decision, open to new ideas, be fair to others, etc. Jim Colin raised the importance of the focus on big picture but choose humility, one behavior reflection of a healthy Ego, as a key feature. A healthy Ego can make everything nature and easy. It can be painful and slow to work on secondary behaviors. In addition, most leaders need a more tool — Executive 6Q Assessment to use the right people.

What Can Impact on the Health of the Ego?

Parents are often the primary impact- the victims are usually unfavorable children or those overloaded with stringent standards. To these parents, the children are never good enough, which weakens the health of their Ego. Child neglect and abuse have the worse impact. Primary caregivers are usually the next significant impact. England King George VI’s stuttering had a lot to do with how his nanny mistreated him when he was little. The rest are various people at society, such as teachers, schoolmates, bosses, colleagues, etc.

Victims can withdraw, like King George V. Victims can also look for approvals, be eager to tell the world how smart they are, or abuse others, which will destroy their vision, image and power. When a leader is eager for approvals, ass kissing is more musical than praise. The business empire will fall even faster.

By restoring the health of their Ego, many negative behaviors can go away quickly since they are secondary. It usually takes weeks to months with the right tools and a deep commitment. Behaviors here reflect an injured Ego; therefore, it can be painful and slow to “better” the reflection. Does every Ego have a quick solution? We do not take cases that involve ethics and abuse.

Use the Right People

The background check and track records are necessary. However, they cannot anticipate the future. To do so, leaders need not only assess individual capacities at different business function, but also their level and performance under different weather. It is important not to rely on “honesty and self-awareness” like Psychology or behavior tests do. Here is the comparison between the 6Q Whole System Approach and partial ones.

No one can foresee everything in the world. The more leaders can anticipate, the better leaders can use the right people. We help leaders see more, see far, and win big.

Leaders usually have other needs, for example, innovation, leadership styles, conflict management, resilience development and other performance management, to further strengthen the health of their Ego.

Level 5 Leadership development is not to tie leaders with high standards but make learning and development as nature, healthy and easy as possible. Behavior and EQ alone cannot solve all issues, for example:
1. Unwise investments.
2. Use a wrong person.
3. Setbacks and failures.
4. Poor health.

It takes the right tools to empower leaders from good to great and build Level 5 leaders. Let’s find the extra tools you need!

About the Author 
Bin Yang is the Managing Director of The Prince Synergy (, a leading consulting firm that solves the hardest issues in leadership development and performance management that no one else can. For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture, or appointment, please contact 310–668–1828.