Welcome to the Procrastinated Mind

I plan it out in my head. The excitement builds in my chest as I get my tools ready to create something beautiful. I feel a sudden spark of raw, unbridled inspiration begin to pour in as the world seems to perfectly align. The entire history of mankind culminating into this one moment where I put pencil to paper…

“Wait…a two hour long video of a cat staring out of a window? How conveniently interesting!”

And so begins an unfortunate chain of events that leads me spiraling deep into the bottomless chasm of Procrastination. Never to be seen by Productivity again until the wee moments before the deadline.

With just a few minutes to spare I put the last, hurried finishing touches on work that could have been done much more efficiently if I hadn’t spent the last 24 hours basically watching paint dry. And with a sigh of relief I go back to spending life with my d**k in my hand as the vicious cycle continues.

Welcome to the Procrastinated Mind.

To be totally honest with you, I’m just an ordinary college graduate with no sense of direction and an even bigger sense of distraction. I am currently a freelance designer and working as a Marketing Supervisor for an unknown and unspecified company. I spend most of my free time playing video games, searching YouTube, learning new things about the world, and getting completely lost in the tangled mess that represents my thoughts. If you walked past me in the streets it would be a zero-impact life experience.

But if a magical genie appears to me one day and offers to grant me a wish if I convince him that there is one thing extremely unique about me, I’d tell him “You’ve never met someone like me before.”

This blog is about the all-inclusive human experience. If we boil all of our lives down to the bare facts, we’ll find that we are all basically the same in our own right, but so astronomically different. I want to represent that paradox in the articles I post here.

This means that I will be addressing normal every day issues on society, civil rights, entertainment, humor, current events, art, things that we all experience, through the eyes of my own creative mind. I can’t promise that I’ll have the most thought provoking opinions, but I’ll for damn sure have one.

As a caveat, this won’t be a steady stream of posts that you can count on to break you away from your monotonous, work-filled routine, but I will post when I get around to it.

That’s the beauty of procrastination isn’t it?