In Defense of the Violence at Berkeley
Juan A. Prieto

I have done my best to read any rational argument the far left makes and genuinely appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective. I’m not sure what I would believe if I was your age and shared your experience but I can empathize with your position. Sadly you have fallen into the trap of labeling those that attended the Milo event (myself included) as White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. The right is being radicalized by the violence of Anti-fa, not the free speech of gay, Jewish immigrants. I would encourage you to read the positions of MLK Jr or Noam Chomsky on violent protest. If you truly believe someone is espousing hate speech the most tactically effective approach to neutralize it is debate. Let him embarrass himself with lies and easily refutable arguments. Instead he got mainstream news coverage and record setting book sales. The tactics you are defending are counter productive and serve to give Milo a bigger platform to share what you have deemed to be hate speech. I think you would be surprised by how much we have in common if you were open to debate.

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