Confusing Pictures That Have Us Asking Some Serious Questions

Things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes, it takes a few extra glances to figure out what it is you’re looking at. Even then, you still are clueless about it. Things might get challenging for you as you look at these photos that will have you asking some serious questions.

Ready To Fly With These Hot Flight Attendants?

Today we bring you some of the best girls who fly the sky’s daily to make that trip a little better for you

Flight attendant reveals special hotel rooms where cabin crew sleep

A flight attendant has revealed the secret hotel rooms where crew stay overnight — as well as some of the pros and cons of them.

Russian hockey team drops cheerleaders after wives got jealous

Russian ice hockey club AK Bars is facing backlash after relieving its cheerleaders, the “Bars Angels,” to focus on a more “family-friendly” atmosphere at games.

19 People Who Got Fired Before The Ink Was Even Dry On Their New Hire Paperwork

So the world has gone crazy for Cow bikinis

There is a new thing that hot girls are getting into and that is dressing up as cows!

CASHING IN Bloke tips drinks cart girl $300 with notes RIPPED IN HALF in bid to win date… but she has the last laugh

A DESPERATE golfer tipped a drinks cart girl $300 with the notes RIPPED in half in a bizarre bid to win a date… but she had the last laugh.

A WOMAN has gone viral after she created a PowerPoint presentation to tell her parents that she was working as a stripper.

Lexi, from Portland, Oregon, wanted to find the perfect way to let her parents know that she’s a sex worker, and settled on a slide show.

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