Manikandan’s rendavadhu muttai

A spoiler free review of Kuttrame thandanai.

Ravichandran, an ordinary lower middle class man working for a credit card collection company, nurses a bizarre visual impairment which is on a downward spiral.It is said to be curable but requires a huge sum of money for the surgery and further treatment.At this juncture, he comes across a high profile murder(er) at his housing board complex and is left with two options

1)To tell

2)Not to tell

With each of the options seeming like an opportunity for him to make money, the decisions he makes and their impact on him at a psychological level, and the people around him is what Kuttrame Thandanai is all about.

When I first saw the film at IFFK last year, the movie was being advertised as a ‘thriller’, which it is definitely not.It works well as a fabulous character study of Ravichandran and a study of the definition of morality in today’s world.

Coming to the technicalities, the film is on par with any international film in terms of cinematography and editing but it is pulled down by the unnecessarily dramatic score by Isaignani Ilayaraja.There are instances of the Raja magic we all know but on the whole, it comes across as a bigger flaw than it is because, Manikandan’s treatment of the story is so subtle and low key with beautiful visual motifs and metaphors.It is that kind of a film that could’ve worked even without any background score.

Vidharth is so brilliant that I almost felt guilty for the perception I had about him and for putting him along with the likes of vimal inside my head.A truly terrific performance. That he is the producer of the film as well, speaks for his taste in cinema.Apart from Rahman, Nassar, Aishwarya Rajesh, Guru Somasundaram and Pooja Devariya(of iraivi fame), there aren’t many noteworthy actors and their performances are apt and nothing more than that.

Lastly, take Kaaka Muttai out of your head and go watch Kuttrame Thandanai without any expectations, for the terrific slow burn drama that it is and some world class cinematography and it’s compelling performances.Manikandan is definitely a fantastic cinematographer and a filmmaker who has great understanding of the medium and it’s limitations.Definitely, somebody to look up-to.

A striking sophomore effort and a more than worthy follow up to Kaaka Muttai.