Pepsi Issued an Apology, But It Was Only To Kendall Jenner
Ezinne Ukoha

There wasn’t anything wrong with this ad, what’s wrong are these interpretations people are making of it, construed by self-fulfilling pickings of what could be deemed as offensive. This ad does relate to the revolutions and protests we are having now, but not specifically is this depicted as a black lives matter protest. Kendall Jenner, like everyone else, is capable of having beliefs of equality and peaceful protest while having the career as a television star. Just because she’s never been depicted for you to see as someone whose any kind of activist doesn’t mean she isnt or doesn’t hold those beliefs, and being starred in a commercial is a fine way to show what she is willing to attribute to herself. Now was this protest in the commercial very cheesy, yes definitely. But there are protest festivals, concerts, and fun gatherings all the time for the sake of a cause, so a protest as diverse and creative as this isn’t necessarily unrealistic. We may see it that way because we put a lot of focus on riots and the differences of each side of whatever social divide. And, clearly, this is a PEPSI COMMERCIAL, so they would choose to share a Pepsi as a way of good communication. But the message is clear that we can relate with our enemies if we focus on our similarities and that is the foundation towards peace.

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