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The Purpose Within
May 23 · 4 min read

When is the last time you took your car to get washed, or even better…. took it for an oil change?

Caring for a vehicle is important because it ensures longevity.

When we neglect the repairs that need to be done or the scheduled maintenances that must be done, we end up setting up the vehicle for failure.

I’ll let you in on a little secret here…. This isn’t actually about a car, although some of you needed that reminder to go get your oil changed (all the parents of young people just thanked me, including my own lol)

This is about YOU. It’s about the state you are in and the level at which you pay attention to what needs to be adjusted and cared for in your life.

If you’ve ever waited too long to get things fixed on your car, the weird noises, smells, and clunks may be familiar to you. There are signs upon warning signs to stop and get things checked out.

Today, I would encourage you to not ignore the check engine light in your life.

About a year or so ago, I was driving an older vehicle and ignoring all the repairs. I was a young adult newly on my feet and didn’t want to be “wasting” my money on a car that lacked longevity. I found myself ignoring the sounds of clunking coming from underneath the driver's side and kept driving everywhere and anywhere. There would be days where I would simply pray that I would just get to my destination safe and I was the person talking to my car saying “You got this girl, keep going!”

Low and behold, the encouragement and speak life technique did NOT work on my car. Eventually, I was on the side of the road with a tow truck while singing “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye…..”

There are a few things in the process of breaking down that triggered a new way of thinking for me. What happened physically to my car is unfortunately what happens to many of us internally. We keep pushing ourselves to keep going instead of stopping, self-checking and giving ourselves the care we need.

Here are some things that you can do to keep your vehicle from burning out/overheating and operating at its fullest potential:

  1. Pay attention to your trusted friends, leaders, and mentors.

People often see where you are located in life before you can. There have been countless times where I have been called out on the condition of my “vehicle” before I could hear or see it happening. Take a moment to find the truth in their remarks or confrontation and stop and assess yourself if something like this happens and you’ll be so grateful you did.

2. Do regularly scheduled check-ins/ups for yourself. Be honest.

  • End of week
  • End of month
  • End of quarter

These are great questions to ask yourself (taken from @heyamberrae insta):

I feel….

I need….

I forgive…

I celebrate…

I release…

I trust…

I want to do less…

I want to do more…

If I get stuck I’ll remember…

What is not working?

What is working?

What can I let go of?

What am I proud of?

How am I feeling?

3. Set healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are needed to help keep anything and everything healthy. Without boundaries things in our life will lack the proper care and attention they truly need.

I have found that there is a good three-step when checking boundaries.

Locate what you value. Ask yourself what you need to make sure that thing is valued and decide how you will honor that value.

Ex. I value peace, so I will read my bible every morning and honor it by not going on my phone until I do so.

Ex. I value quality time so I will be focused when with my significant other and honor him by eliminating distractions and tech during our time.

4. Know when works best for you to have your needs met.. aka when you need to stop and rest.

Any time you go on a long road trip, rest stops and pit stops are a must. Be okay with taking a moment to rest. Rest doesn’t look the same for everyone, so work to find one that works for you. For me, rest can look like an afternoon of reading and naps or I like a walk on the beach in a busy week with a coffee in my hand.

Gas stations are also vital on road trips. Know when you are running on empty and take the time to fill up. You will not make it to the destination and go all the places you dreamed of going if your vehicle is out of gas or broken down and doesn’t work properly.

Know that you are WORTH the investment.

Ultimately, growth and development of who you are and your purpose are FULL of those self check and service moments. You can’t grow without them. Those that fail to do so are often the quick successes and even quicker failures. The ones who burn out and see the dreams die before them simply because they aren’t ready to sustain them.

We want to see you become all you were created to be. So slow down, check yourself, and see yourself go the distance.

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