Two years ago I wrote an article, Where are all the remote jobs people are talking about? for remote job seekers after receiving numerous inquiries from individuals who were not able to find legitimate remote work.

The tide has changed and now it’s companies seeking to find legitimate remote work resources they can trust.

As a remote work consultant, you would think I would take every client who contacts me. I don’t and it’s by design.

It has nothing to do with the number of daily inquiries I receive and everything to do with the services I offer. Being a…

The most dishonest statement you make in an interview is something most people don’t realize they’re doing. The moment you say it the very thing you hoped to happen, to have the interviewer trust you, goes out the window. It makes the interviewer think twice about everything you’re going to say and the more you state it during the interview the worse it gets for you.

That statement is, “I’ll be completely honest with you”.

It can also take other forms,

If I’m being honest.

In all honesty.

I have to tell you the honest truth.

The candidate’s thought process…

When applying for a remote job, you will no doubt be asked to provide references at some point during the interview process. While references aren’t typically contacted until you are being seriously considered, they may be requested upfront to save time. Providing references is not a casual document to throw together. You want to be very thoughtful about the process of compiling who your references will be and how your references will be able to support your claim of being able to work remotely.

A recruiter is going to ask straightforward questions to your references. …

Crafting your career story is an important part of the interview process because it makes you memorable for all the right reasons. If you make being a great (or even good) storyteller your first job, you’ll find that writing your resume and interviewing becomes much easier. A well-crafted career story will increase your opportunities and allow you to naturally stand out in the crowd because it is easy for a recruiter to remember.

It’s imperative to be easily remembered because there are hundreds of people applying for one job. You are likely to be applying and possibly interviewing alongside 20–30…

Feeling overqualified for the job you’re applying for but need money to keep the lights on? I’ve been there.

In the 2008 recession, my family was hit hard. I had three jobs to help keep the lights on. One was my day job as an executive assistant that I was well qualified for. It was a great job, challenging in the right ways, and I loved what I did. My other two jobs, waiting on tables.

I had grown up in the restaurant business and began waiting tables when I was 13 years old. I was a long way from…

In what seems like overnight, many employers are shifting from competing in talent wars to having potential new hires beating down their virtual doors looking for work. While many companies have been conducting online interviews for years if this is your first time interviewing online here is what you need to do to prepare for your interview.

  1. Know the Online Address Directions

There are a number of platforms that a potential employer could interview you on. …

Back in 2015 (well before Covid-19) Software Advice conducted a survey and found that more than 60 percent of hiring managers and recruiters were using video for their remote job interviewing needs. Almost half of the respondents with prior video interview experience preferred this format.

Online interviewing is not a new concept. However, what do you do if you have no prior experience?

In my last article, Preparing Your Online Interview, I shared how to prepare for an online interview. …

Remote Work Communication Strategy
Remote Work Communication Strategy

Communication. Communication. Communication. When working remotely you cannot over-communicate. You can communicate poorly. Without an effective communication strategy, you can certainly think you are communicating well. However, it’s not effective if your message isn’t received.

This means tasks and assignments won’t be executed on even by your senior leadership. With all the “communication” swirling around there will be organized chaos that you and your team are confusing with communication.

There must be a strategy for the way you communicate if you want the message to be received. It’s your job as the leader to make sure you not only deliver…

How to make remote working work
How to make remote working work

Now is the perfect time to create a distraction for your employees. It’s your best strategy for making remote working work in what is a very stressful time for your employees.

Forget searching for data on how remote teams are more productive teams. Let’s take a step back from implementing new tools right away.

If you are having trouble embracing this thought, think of it as an icebreaker. When pulling your team together you will most certainly be discussing business. However, first, you are trying to set the tone.

Many employers and employees are being forced to embrace remote work…

When you decided to start your own business that was a risk. It should be your first of many. Especially, as a virtual assistant when your title only implies how you work not the work you actually do. However, most VAs don’t take enough calculated risks and instead gamble or follow someone else’s path.

There is a difference between gambling, taking a risk, and taking a calculated risk. Gambling is about taking an uncertain risk. Risk is the possibility of gaining or losing something of value. Taking a calculated risk means you have taken into consideration the advantages and disadvantages…

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