How This Tokyo Bookstore Made Me Fall Back in Love with Print
Tom Downey

As I read this on my laptop I imagined what it would have been like to have read this article in print, holding it in my hand and laying it on lap as I closed my eyes to reflect. You nailed it when you wrote “seduced”. I am seduced by the written word and that is why I like to carry it with me, hold it, and fall asleep to it at night. I see words and phrases in different fonts and images as they inspire me. They capture me as they jump off the pages into the realm of possibility in my mind. I keep my journal and notebook of things to do close by at all times. Cards still arrive via mail delivery and I do my part by purchasing recycled paper. Thank you for sharing the wonders of this magical place where books survive and even thrive like “The Neverending Story” to those of us who still desire to be seduced by them.

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