Crow for Breakfast

Several weeks ago I read a post by Sarah Knight, “Dear Authors, I’m Sorry”. In it, she explained events during her editing career that she was not sympathetic or understanding of authors. At the end of the post, she plugged her book and something about it seemed ungenuine. I commented on it and Sarah replied fairly.

Not too long after my client was in need of an editor. Sarah’s name popped in my head and I emailed her. Again, she quickly got back to me. Last week I had the privilege of congratulating Sarah on being ranked #2 on a book list that she didn’t know about yet.

Now I’m writing my own book and have to think about it from a completely different perspective. I’ll be sharing details, events, and plugging it when and where it’s appropriate. All genuinely.

Sarah, thank you for not judging me based on my naivety of the book world. Congratulations again on your success!

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