Forget passive income. It’s all about being part-time with full-time pay and benefits

For years, passive income was all the rage; income earned so effortlessly that money would pour into your bank account overnight, allowing you to live a life of freedom. It’s a lie.

I have traveled the world and come across many people spouting this nonsense. You’ll find them in cities…

Remote Work Communication Strategy

Communication. Communication. Communication. When working remotely you cannot over-communicate. You can communicate poorly. Without an effective communication strategy, you can certainly think you are communicating well. However, it’s not effective if your message isn’t received.

This means tasks and assignments won’t be executed on even by your senior leadership. With…

Melissa Smith

World traveler. Virtual Assistant Matchmaker. Remote Work Consultant. Entrepreneur. Bestselling Author. Mother. Sister. Daughter. Human. Everybody is somebody.

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