The dot that holds .

The dot that holds it all together. It would seem meaningless to many, but it’s a forerun for me. It comes at a time when the last ship is burnt. It doesn’t put an end to anything like the other dots. It extends an invisible hand to pull me out of the endless misery that accompanies my days and nights. It draws a ray of hope, which turns into an aura of jubilance steadily. It doesn’t signifies much as would the bigger things in walk of life. Its specialty lies in the littleness of its magnitude and severity of its impact. It works quietly, like a silent guardian. It can have a variable count, mostly two, sometimes three and rarely one. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is, is that it comes. It signifies the beauty that smaller things hold in this world. It’s a work of art. A pharos that becomes blessing for the sailor who’s lost in the deepest of oceans on the night of tides. A voice that whispers to keep moving when you are lost in the valley of despair. A reminder to loose addiction and join the natural when the potion of lust is too strong. A creamtor of dead soul that dwells in the bounds of faithlessness. A message that holds it all together.

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