Where do we belong in time?

Today I shall think that I belong in future, but in that future, this very day will be considered a day in past. And undoubtedly that future will turn into past. So when I say that we belong in future, it actually means that we are moving towards past. And we can safely assume that there is no such thing as present. As you read this article, each word is becoming a part of your past. And as you move towards the end of this article, each word is moving towards past and so are you. The clock can’t move backwards. You can’t undo the things you have done. So while you think that you are preparing for future, it’s actually the past you are trying to correct in future. Future is ever decreasing and past is ever growing. So, we can concur from this that our past has been written. It’s only in future that we’ll know what it will be. And what we call death is the final chapter of our existence. Just imagine that you are dead and whatever you did in life has now become past. Your decisions might affect the future of some after your death but that will also become past. Didn’t everything you ever want to achieve became past after you achieved it? So, where do we go from here? The answer is no where. Because it’s not up to you. It’s written in time. You are just merely becoming what’s already happened. It’s like a film. You watch it and get to know what happens in it as you watch. But it has been filmed already. The difference is that you can’t fast forward life. You can’t rewind it. It’s uneditable. It’s for one time. The only thing you can do is if you want to accept this or not. It might help. But will it matter? No one can say.