8 Things You Need to Feel Cozy at Home on a Shoestring Budget

There’s nothing like living in your own den in your 20s. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube)

By Sohini Guharoy

The first time I started living on my own, I had the urge to build up a cozy den for myself. So, there I went — click, click, hunting for affordable goodies for my house on the internet.

I have always loved the idea of coming back home to a place that feels like home, after a hard day’s work.

So, here are some must-haves in your house –


(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

Imagine reading a book by the window while laying on a hammock while the sun shines on you.

Already smiling?

Then it’s time to splurge on some happiness.

Lying Down Laptop Stand

Lying Down Laptop Stand

Weekends morning are the best time to enjoy some great movies on your laptop while snuggling in your blanket. And this laptop holder is just what you need.

You can thank us later for not suffering from spondylitis.

Liquor Bottle Lamps

(Photo: Pinterest)

Have a stock full of empty liquor bottles after a rollicking party?

Did you ever think of turning them into lamps? Well, that’s where creativity comes in!

Tea-Maker Pug

(Photo: The Quint)

Want some company on a lonely weekend morning? Say hello to Mr Pug. He will not only make you smile with his cute face but will also make your tea.


Just put some tea leaves in his belly, soak him in your mug full of hot water, and there you go!

Book Rack

(Photo Courtesy: etsy.com)

When you don’t have deep pockets but good taste, you learn to make the best of it.

Have plenty of books but no place to keep them? Run to a scrap dealer and get hold of an old guitar box and there you go, bingo!

Fairy Lights

(Photo Courtesy: Pinterest)

Fairy lights actually have the power to soothe your nerves. Imagine coming home dead tired to a room with these magical lights that illuminate the faces of your loved ones. Aah…pure bliss.

Electric Food Heater

(Photo Courtesy: Flipkart.com)

If you live alone and can’t afford a microwave, do not worry. Milton has this amazing electric heater where you can heat food in 30–40 mins, and no, you do not need microwave-only utensils.

Yeah, living alone teaches you that piping hot tasty food doesn’t just appear on the table on it’s own. Thank God for mothers!


(Photo Courtesy: fancy.com)

This may look easy but it definitely isn’t. But yeah, if you don’t like doing the dishes, this masterpan can be a blessing. Cook it all in one go and enjoy a yummy Sunday English breakfast.

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