Watch out Narendra Modi, Justin Trudeau May Be Tough Competition

Is Justin Trudeau walking to the Senate or modeling on a ramp? (Photo: AP)

By Sohini Guharoy

Imagine a world with many more charming politicians like the newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Wouldn’t it be a better place to live in?

Our prime minister, Narendra Modi, might have the skills to charm thousands of voters and gather dense crowds, but 43-year-old Trudeau can surely challenge him in the ‘macho’ department!

Ever since Trudeau was elected, his life has started trending all over the internet.

Trudeau, the ‘Bhangra’ Dancer

Trudeau sure knows his ‘balle balle’ as he grooves to the beats of Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’.

Trudeau, the Strip Teaser

Excuse me, when was the last time we saw a Prime Minister of any country strip-teasing in public?

Oh, Canada just raised their hand!

Trudeau, the Superman Daddy

“All my life I had wanted more than anything to become a dad. I was inspired by the extraordinary father I’d had, the example he set for me to follow.”
— Justin Trudeau, as quoted in

He has three little children with his wife, Sophie Grégoire.

By the way, did you know Justin is the son of Canada’s legendary former prime minister, Pierre Trudeau?

Trudeau, the Boxer

Prime Minister-designate Trudeau didn’t hesitate to get into the boxing ring for a charity match.

Isn’t Trudeau overdosing on talent. Like really?

Trudeau, the Tattooed PM

This man clearly wears too many hats, and wears them well.

Knock, knock, Mr Modi!

(First published in The Quint)

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