I am a Queer Woman of Color pursuing an MBA

May 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Last September I set out to apply for an MBA. As a Queer Woman of Color, I am a non-traditional applicant in quite a few ways. I quickly realized that the MBA application process was not easy to navigate and there were a lot of gatekeepers especially as an underrepresented individual considering an MBA.

The primary reason I decided to create my site is because there was not a single comprehensive resource to find all of the MBA application process information I knew I needed. Rather, it involved a lot of googling and talking to people. Other people should have access to the same resources I ultimately did so I’m making a point of ensuring this is all clear and easy to understand.

I was struck by the numbers: Less than 3% of current MBA students openly identify as LGBTQ, just under 37% of all MBA candidates are women despite the fact women on the whole earn the majority of graduate degrees and 32% of MBA candidates are people of color. I wanted to explore why those reaching for the highest heights of the private sector did not represent the world around me or my own identity.

Despite my attempts to speak to a diverse array of people, hands down the majority of the people I spoke to are straight, white, and/or men.

There is nothing wrong with this fact. I am fortunate enough to have a wide array of friends and acquaintances who happily discussed their thoughts and shared their experiences which I will continue to anonymize and share.


There is everything wrong with the fact that this undoubtedly means business is a straight, white and male world.

If you’re interested, check out the site, email me, or find me on social media.