I’m sorry, but I’ve got to put this out.

I’ve been single for six months now, haven’t really dated anyone ever since and only had sex one time and it was right after the break-up.

In part that was due to logistics. I’ve had this big trip to the US planned and there was a lot to sort out and it didn’t seen logical to date knowing I’d be out of the country for months. Then I got here, so I wanted to start dating again. And it has been a struggle.

I have never been a “pickup girls at the bar” kind of guy. Most of the girls I’ve dated I met online. I’ve met some pretty great girls. Some that even became girlfriends. It usually works fine for me.

Not since I’ve got here. I have been mostly ignored by the vast majority of girls I try to talk to and downright rejected by the very few who actually met me.

It’s not like I’m a huge dork who can’t talk to girls or a jerk who just want to have sex and discard them or a creep who just wants to send dick pics to strange girls. No, I’m just someone trying to meet a girl to date and see what happens. And I always try to be nice, polite and funny. That’s who I am in real life and I don’t see a reason to be different online.

There is something I’m doing really wrong. The worst part is not being able to figure out what. I haven’t felt this bad about myself since high school.

Recently, I went to see a play called #DateMe. They created several “undateable” profiles to see how people would interact with them. From what I could tell, all of them got a better response than me. Apparently I’m more undateable than a guy who likes to slam doors on people’s faces.

This has been going on for months now. I’ve been dealing with so much rejection, frustration, disappointment and sadness that it makes me wonder, why do I keep trying?

And the answer is: What is the alternative? Being alone?

I already am. And it sucks.

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