#CSENotes 4. Software Engineering

A series of my hand written notes covering majority of standard topics in-depth from Computer Science Engineering.

This post covers topics from Software Engineering in depth.
  1. Software and it’s characteristics and applications
  2. Software Assessment Model (CMM Model)
  3. Software Process Models (Conventional -(Waterfall, Prototype, RAD), Evolutionary -(Incremental, Spiral))
  4. Estimation Models — Size Estimation (LOC Count, FP analysis, Halstead )
  5. Estimation Models — Effort Estimation (Software Engineering Lab, Walstonald- Relix, COCOMO model)
  6. Quality Estimation -(Defect rate, Belady and lehman model)
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Requirement Gathering
  9. Testing -(Structural (Basis path, Control structure), Functional ), Cyclomatic complexity
  10. Others -Validation Test, System test, Regression test, Unit test, Integration test

A Lot More to be added soon…