Recursion In Depth

Below is a curated list of practice programs to make sure you have a cool understanding of how recursion actually works before jumping into any advanced topics such as dynamic or greedy programming.

Difficulty : Beginner
  1. Sum of n natural numbers from 1 to n.
  2. Print Fibonacci series upto nth term.
  3. To find Factorial of number n.
  4. To multiply two numbers.
  5. To find sum of the digits of given number.
  6. To find nth power of given number.
  7. To find Reverse of given string.
  8. To find largest number in the given array.
Difficulty : Moderate
  1. Tower of Hanoi
Difficulty : Advanced
  1. Tree Traversal (Pre, Post, In Order)

A lot more programs will keep on adding, do check for updates.

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