After I posted this picture on Instagram…

This morning, I posted this picture on Instagram as a result my back is feeling a little tired but I’ve had two coffees, and a bacon and egg roll, so I can cope.

This isn’t a post about back pain or bacon and egg rolls, it’s a post to promote BodyExo’s Introductory offer at Activ8 Health Club Miranda !! ←-

In short the main purpose of BodyExo is to help newbies, intermediate and advanced exercisers develop a “Your Journey Your Way” mindset alongside hit their training goals through introducing high intensity functional movement ensuring safety, progression and a intentional intentional mindset. We offer 1-on-1 training and small groups within selected facilities and our first pilot is running out of Activ8 Health Club.

If we are a fit?, in your three sessions with me we will cover:

  • Your 3D body measurements will be captured
  • A measurement that aligns to your goal will be tracked
  • Determine your daily energy expenditure
  • Screen your functional movements
  • Go over the Squat, Deadlift, Push Press, and Clean
  • Complete a Intro workout
  • Put together a 90 day goal
  • You’ll get 90 Day Access to “Your Journey Your Way” Members Area
  • You’ll get 2 weeks 24 Hour Gym Access

Try 3 Personal Training Sessions for only $99 plus get the members and gym access for a total saving of $131.

Bad news, it’s only for 20 people. So it’s first in best dressed as they say. If you want me to lock in a spot for you book a time to speak with here. Due to limited spots only book a time with me if you’re seriously considering training with me.

On another note, last night I published a post on Facebook, broadcasting a series of posts would be released. Below is 8 out of 36 ( In the pipeline) that outline “Your Journey Your Way” pathway. Within each post, I will dive deeper and expand on the detail. Hope you enjoy them.

Make a change

Visualize changes — in your body

Know your body — capture measurements

Track a measurement — aligns to the goal

Opportunity — Sharpen up habits

Scheduling Success — move forward schedule

Be the change

Breathing Intentionally

If you’ve read all the posts and are motivated to start training but can’t train with me personally, check the Free 30 Day Burpee Challenge

After that you will be good, real good. :)

P.S- You can read more about the BodyExo approach on the FAQ.