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5 Inspiring Instagram Campaigns

Rajat Sachdeva
Sep 10, 2017 · 4 min read

Instagram is pretty awesome. 700 million people seem to agree. With their integration of Snapchat’s features(stories, filters), it has gotten even better and is managing to get users to spend more time on the platform(30+ mins for daily users). For me it’s become my go to social media platform. The one you sub-consciously open multiple times a day as your thumb unlocks your phone (like many, that used to be Facebook which has slipped to №2 for me).

Given its ever growing popularity, let’s look at 5 marketing campaigns/brands that have done a great job in utilizing the potential of the visual platform.

  1. John Mayer — Instagram Live

When a platform releases a new feature(ex: Instagram Live Stories), it promotes the feature so you can rest assured you are getting above average organic reach. An incentive to use that feature. John Mayer and team made good use of the Instagram Live Stories to promote his latest album — The Search for Everything. John used Live to croon songs from the latest album for his followers and took requests. Imagine that, your personal John Mayer concert. Job well done.

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2. Bacardi — InstaDJ

A clever hack by Bacardi US making use of Instagram Stories to let users feel like a DJ. Access the stories put up by the brand and as you tap left/right to scroll between stories, each story is a different beat. The end effect makes you feel you’re mixing on the turn tables. Don’t think you’ll be using this at your next party but a fun hack by the brand to drive user engagement!

3. Daniel Wellington Watches

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Daniel Wellington, not for one specific campaign, but how the brand has effectively used Influencer Marketing on Instagram to build a $200 million business selling inexpensive watches. DW partners with many prominent Instagram content creators(influencers) to showcase and promote the range of watches. Often, with unique discount codes so they can easily track which content creators are leading to maximum sales conversion. DW started influencer marketing before Instagram launched ads and continue to use itas their primary marketing strategy, preferring it over paid Instagram ads. While many brands employ this technique, DW has done it at scale and has done it consistently. With 3.4mn followers & impressive sales, the approach has worked well for the brand.

4. Heinz — Posts You can Eat

Instagram is single handily responsible for delaying the eating of food across the world while people click that oh-so-perfect food shot to post online. We’re all guilty of it and as a result Instagram is loaded with some ridiculously amazing mouth watering food shots. Heinz just capitalized on the trend and took #foodporn to the next level by letting you eat the delicious posts you see. By entering your info, Heinz actually sent the amazing food they were uploading to a lucky few people. I especially love the packaging design they used. A winner from Heinz!

5. GoPro

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The world’s most popular action camera meets the world largest network for amazing audio visual content. It’s a natural fit. And GoPro doesn’t disappoint! GoPro combines user generated content and their own action packed posts to ensure that you have a serious case of FOMO. It’s a great way to keep the community (which has now grown to 13 million+ followers) engaged and convert followers to customers. It worked on me and I picked up a GoPro Hero Black!

All the amazing work has set the bar high. We’ve kicked off an initiative for Pepsi India which we feel plays on the platforms inherent strength — people sharing beautiful moments.For Pepsi India, the focus has been on celebrating spontaneity. There are moments where you don’t overthink and just go for it. And these are the best moments, the ones which are memorable. Instagram is the perfect platform where users are already capturing such beautiful moments. Moments around food, travel, music and friends. So we decided to reach out to the community, crowd-source the best moments (with or without a Pepsi) and feature them on our handle. As part of our ongoing campaign, we ask community members to share the best moments by tagging @PepsiIndia or using the #WithPepsi. The incentive for users? A feature on the handle and a cash prize (pretty handy if you’re in college, on a tight budget and happen to already be clicking beautiful pictures). This is an ongoing year round initiative and the results thus far have been encouraging.

Any great campaigns you’ve seen lately or an idea that’s been in your head? Get inspired and put out great creative work into the world! Share it for all of us to see.


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