All politicians lie. The biggest difference is that Trump is refreshingly honest in how brazenly he lies.
‘ Just to preempt the only joke of a crime I’ve heard alleged, it’s not a campaign contribution.’
Parker O'Brien

All politicians spin the truth and distort, but no one has come close to the degree to which Trump publicly will refute the obvious truth. Whether he does it as a strategy, or just because he convinces himself of what he wants, at this point I don’t even think he knows.

Howver, the lies about his connection to Russia, and the lies several other people have told about their contacts, have made the investigation continue. Can they prove collusion and conspiracy? We shall see. They can certainly prove obstruction of justice. What is also likely is that the corruption of the families’ finaces will be investigated and that’s when he will fall apart. Mueller is very good at this, and he now has a team of prosecutors, not just investigators.

Let’s just wait and see.

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